Who is your neighbour?

Who is your neighbour?


Who is your neighbour? is a beautifully illustrated children’s book, inspired by people across the world opening their hearts and homes to our Ukrainian neighbours.

The book can be enjoyed simply as a fun picture book for pre-schoolers, or as a way to guide gentle conversations with older children about how millions of people have responded to the war with amazing acts of humanity and generosity. Ultimately, the book encourages parents and children to re-think who their neighbours are and to broaden the concept to include people they don't yet know.

Who is your neighbour? was created in just three weeks by a group of creative friends in North East England who wanted to put their thinking, writing and colouring-in skills to good use.

If you are a nursery, school or business and wish to buy multiple copies or to help us by re-selling copies of the book, please email di@sticktheory.co.uk .

Sorry, there are only 675 left to sell